Friday, 13 April 2012

Back to the UK

I came back 3 weeks ago to this wonderful country, where I can get free healthcare, free primary and secondary education, and a government that helps me with my university fees. I'm so damn lucky, and so very grateful.

However, some of the pretentious and arrogant British attitudes are starting to irritate me. I don't know if was just unfortunate timing to return amidst the non-existent 'petrol crisis' and the 'pasty tax', but everything seems ridiculous.

Children are starving to DEATH.

Who gives a flying fuck about the hosepipe ban? You still have drinkable water that comes from your tap, and enough money to feed yourself. Who cares if you're an 'avid car washer' as one cantankerous old sod claimed on the BBC news headlines - it would be bad enough on South Today, but this was the national headlines.

People with such trivial complaints should be transported to the slums of India for a week - it's a crazy reality that because we were born on this side of the Earth, we get everything handed to us on a plate. It will never be fair as long as kids are drinking from puddles on the street. Some people need to find better things to complain about, and then do something about it.

India has a lot to learn from England in terms of national schemes, health services, traffic control, not to mention health and safety in construction work, but a great majority of the great British public also have a hell of a lot to learn from the people of India, like how to smile.

"Indians see life as a privilege, not as a rite"
- The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

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