Sunday, 30 October 2011

Exploring Ajantha and Ellora

Wow. What places I've been to this week. We hired a driver and went to the ancient Buddhist and Hindu caves at Ajantha and Ellora. We took over 900 images, but I condensed them down to some of my favourites! I also did some quick sketches which I'll upload in the next post.

I got so close to these guys I could pick the seeds off their back!!

So damn awesome.

This trip will definitely help to inform my final major project, I took reference photos of everything. Maybe Hindu deities are not such an unrealistic idea now for my FMP, I'd love to replicate some of the things I saw this week in a digital format.

I have internet in the apartment now so I can finally continue with my personal 3D work and keep more up to date with blogs, hopefully the next update will have some actual artwork in it... XD

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