Friday, 2 December 2011

Hand Written Journals - 20th Nov

I'm getting carried away with hand written journal entries and forgetting about this blog, but I'm hoping that's all about to change. I've made ten entries to my diary since my last upload on blogspot, and now would like to share some of my experiences online.

20th November:
The clothes here are so much like my all time favourite game, The Legend of Zelda. I promised myself I would only buy four kurta during my time here. I failed.

They're a steal at Rs.200 (about £2.50) and even if they're not good quality, they last for a time and I can always get new awesome colours from Laxmi Road. I always feel bad spending any money on things I don't need though. There's a lot of poverty here. Last time I bought a coke I ended up giving it to a kid outside straight away, but I'm very lucky and this experience is helping me not to take things so for granted.

I get a lot of compliments from the local women about how I look in the traditional dress. One lady stopped her motorbike to introduce me to her (very beautiful) daughter. I also seem to get much better prices if I'm wearing a Kurta, and if I ask 'how much, brother?' in Hindi. I guess if you make the effort, you can reap the rewards. I'm always very concious in England about my appearance, but the locals find me very interesting.

This week I have to let Sulekha, (my HR manager), know if I would like to host the 25th anniversary show for Ubisoft. What an opportunity, but again, it's my confidence holding me back from making an instant descision. I'm pretty sure I'll say yes. I'll regret not jumping at the chance later in my life, I know it. Better to try and fail than never try at all. Not to mention I'll be presenting the show with Akshay, a good friend, so it will be less of a problem.

I have loads of work to do this week, but if I can spend a week making really big changes, next time someone tries it, the same process will take 3 days, and then 2 days. It's all about trying once and finding the fastest way possible, and then spreading the knowledge down the chain.

All studios need good communication to function properly. At the moment in this project there seems to be a bit of a barrier between the programmers and the artists which needs to be broken down so we can make a great game. Weekly meetings are helpful, and now we have an online deadline system which will be invaluable.

An online blog is no substitute for an hand-written journal really - you can see how many times I've moved about as my handwriting changes, and how as I've got more tired it's got progressively 'more worse'. I'll try to write as much as I can, whenever I can.

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