Friday, 23 December 2011

Happy Birthday Ubisoft!

Tonight was the 25th anniversary party for Ubisoft! I co-hosted the event with Akshay and so many things went wrong, but still had a great time. I tried to open the show in Hindi which failed – I couldn’t read the script because the lights were down too low..!

There were awesome dance acts worthy of India’s got talent (if it exists) and some great singing.

The cake was amazing too - Rabbids!

There are some very funny videos circulating around the studio now, and five or six people passed out. I can’t imagine anything more embarrassing than getting completely wasted at a corporate party, but that’s what happens if you give out free, unlimited alcohol I guess..!

The venue was pretty cool too – Area 51 is shaped like a flying saucer and is full of lights. At some points in the evening, the dance floor was severely lacking in females. Akshay said, “Looks like a German gay bar.”

Welcome to the games industry!

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